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Howdy!, Cloud and Container Digital Trends here

Cloud Computing

Today if we see several key technology trends converging and drives many of our conversations, Yes, of course, cloud computing is ultimately one of the biggest trends impacting all business models to move their application workloads to public, private cloud environments. Many customers who want the flexibility to deploy their applications by taking leverage of hybrid cloud wherever they choose to run apps which may include physical, virtual, private and public cloud environments.

Why container ?

Container technology has the ability to containerized application workloads and enables portability across all of these above infrastructures. Containers are the heart of each of these trends technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are key enablers

Container in DevOps

Nowadays many organizations are also looking to evolve their development and deployment processes shifting from traditional waterfall development and agile methods to DevOps. Containers and immutable image-based deployments are being as a key enabler for DevOps and continuous delivery.

Why Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is opensource an ideal platform for hosting cloud-native applications. Kubernetes eliminates many of the manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications. Tremendous potential in Kubernetes automates the orchestration, scheduling, and management of container packaged applications at web-scale.

What can you do with Kubernetes ?

Let's see the primary advantage of using Kubernetes in your environment.

  • Orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.
  • Make better use of hardware to maximize the resources needed to run your enterprise apps.
  • Control and automate application deployments and updates.
  • Mount and add storage to run stateful apps.
  • Scale containerized applications and their resources on the fly.
  • Declaratively manage services, which guarantees the deployed applications are always running how do you deploy them.
  • Health check and self-heal your apps with auto-placement, auto restart, auto replication, and auto-scaling.

Where Kubelancer comes in

As Kubernetes is opensource, and as such, there’s not a formalized support structure around that technology to run your trusted business. If you had an issue with your implementation of Kubernetes while running in production, obviously you’re not going to be very happy and your customers probably won’t, either. That’s where Kubelancer comes in. We Kubelancer Admins are technology expertise in Kubernetes. We provide very professional services, support, consulting and training in Kubernetes for companies like a startup to enterprise.

Kubelancer - we are Kubernetes experts

Why choose Kubelancer for Kubernetes?


Rapid deployment

Deploy and manage a fully supported Kubernetes environment


Standadirzation & Transparency of process

Kubelancer provides flexibility and helps to avoid vendor and distributor lock-in, Also confidentiality of customers data


Extraordinary Support Team

CKA / CKAD certified highly skilled professional team


Adhere to industry best practice

Kubelancer uses industry-standard best practices that enable your IT team to implement strong baseline Kubernetes solutions
Kubelancer - we are Kubernetes experts

How we can help?


Audit & Optimise


Analyze your Kubernetes environment and identifying bottlenecks, as part of optimise fine-tune performance, improve availability and clarify your operational situation

Design & Build

Kubelancer-Audit & Optimise

Create a Kubernetes infrastructure that supports your approach and your business priorities along with cluster creation and application migration. Our Kubernetes experts can advise you on design, build and operate Kubernetes cluster that supports DevOps best practice and Continuous deployment

Security for Kubernetes

Kubelancer-Audit & Optimise

We ensure your infrastructure comply with industry standards and guidelines of full lifecycle security across build, deploy and runtime phases for your Kubernetes workloads

Maintain & Support

Kubelancer-Audit & Optimise

Our Experts can asses or Fix your Kubernetes issues for you. We make your developer's lives easier by implementing CI/CD methodologies, Monitoring, and Logging.

What we manage?

Kubelancer - we are Kubernetes experts

We manage for you in Kubernetes environment





Blue-Green Deployment
Canary Release


Run Anywhere




Google GKE / Google Compute Engine


Azure AKS


Vmware / Custom

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